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Best Ingredients Make The Best Food

We Amal Foodstuff have the pleasure to submit ourselves as a competitive foodstuff trading capable of giving our best services to all our valued customers with maximum care and attention.

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A to Z Solutions In Food Industry

Future Amal Foodstuff was established in 1962 in a Royal residential area in Abu Dhabi -Shabia Khalifa -on new airport road (muroor road) and, as a result of our dedicated service to our valuable customers, still operating successfully and has expanded their branches to Musaffah Shabiya and Sanaiya.

Behind our growth and success is our ability to understand customer needs and the commitment to serve these needs in the best way possible, with the finest quality products at the fairest of prices and adding value with personalized services.

In addition to our care and attention to our counter customers, our activities include supply and delivery of foodstuff and accessories to different Government, semi-government and private company's staff residences and camps.

Delivery services are maintained giving attention to delivering the required items at the customer doorsteps with no delay at all. Transportation arrangements in this regard are readily available.

Very good management, experienced and dedicated staff which include quality control/customer care personal enable us to serve our customers to their high satisfaction.


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Our Highlights

Availability of multiple brands

Check for certification from the food and health authority.

Maximum Quality And Quantity

We Deliver Retails And Wholesales


To distinguish ourselves as an organization, committed to providing top quality food products from around the world with an assurance of timely delivery with freshness and flavour intact.


To help or customers meet their needs on time, at the most competitive prices. To enhance and integrate our product sourcing, distribution, delivery and improve efficiency to serve our customers better.

Wholesale & Retail Distribution Of All Kinds Of Food Stuffs To

All Government & Semi Government Departments

Our food products are distributed to most of the govt & semi govt departments .


Star Hotels & Palaces

Most satisfactory service and care to our customers of royal ruling families and star hotels.

Military & Labour Camps

Delivering the required items at the military & labour camps with no delay at all.

Restaurant & Hotels

Distribute finest quality products at fairest price for restaurants and hotels.

In addition to our care and attention to our counter customers, our activities include supply and delivery of foodstuff and accessories to different Government, semi-government and private company's staff residences and camps etc.


Supply Chain Management

Save Costs & Boost Efficiency with the professional system

Contract Logistics

Offer End To End Supply Chain

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are deals with more attention.


Amal Foods At A Glance

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Our Products

Amal Foods offers delivery of grocery items such as staples provisions, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, frozen foods, and personal care products. We believe in ensuring excellent quality to reach each of our customers, and that remains our one of the prime mission. We procure our grains directly from farmers across India in every season. The region where the rice is cultivated influences the taste and quality of the rice. Our rice employs the latest technology to ensure the best quality.

Rigid containers are made of plastic, glass, aluminium and heavily waxed cardboard and are used for all packs. These are often reusable. Straight or tapered sides on rigid containers make it much easier to remove frozen foods. Amal foods offers the most fresh and quality sea foods to the customers.

Across the world, there has been a movement from traditional to modern eating, including a movement of traditional eating patterns from their origin culture to new cultures, and the emergence of new foods and eating behaviour. For busy lifestyle we can provide best product with the most reasonable cost and highest standard of quality.

We provide fresh fruit and vegetables of the highest quality - which are all sourced from hand picked suppliers. Our produce is available in-store, via delivery or to order online. 

Amal Foods- Distributor of Dry Fruits & Dry Nuts bring you the best collection of Dry Fruits & Dry Nuts .The wide array of Dry Fruits & Dry Nuts that we have to offer to our customers is what makes us unique in the market. Our products are fresh, filled with nutrients and are very affordable.

All of cool drinks and juices contains Organic and Raw fresh handpicked fruits and vegetables to help give your immune system a stronger burst of life.

One aspect of moving that you’ll have to figure out pretty early on is the packing process. And if you’re doing all of the packing by yourself, you’ll need to make sure that you organize all of your items for the big move and stock up on a variety of packing materials to protect and secure your items. Future Amal Foodstuff Catering provide products with reasonable price and quality.

Future Amal Foodstuff Catering focus on providing the best cleaning materials. We believe that having a clean and hygiene place is the best way to stay positive and healthy. We deliver our services with the experts in the industry.

We source the finest spices and pulses from around the world. We are proud to be delivering freshness and quality. Amal Food Products specializes in food items that offer the authentic flavours of Kerala spices.

Future Amal Foodstuff Catering has been active in the food industry since 1962 producing solutions for the customer but also for the dairy and poultry products. Our goal is certified by international standard partners, with ultimate purpose to serve customers trouble-free but also providing top rated products safe for consumption.


During our past 59 years of operations, we had the honor and opportunity to provide specialized catering services to reputed clients like;